WHATcorp is now part of Gateway Data Systems and handles all of the Web and Applications Development.

We can help you configure many of today’s most useful tools to help maximize your productivity. We can show you how to better integrate them into your own workflow or we can introduce you to a few tools you may have missed or dismissed before they became mature business applications. Whether it’s the obvious ones like Evernote, HootSuite, SlideShare, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or the little gems like Slack, Trello, Todoist, BaseCamp, Instagram, Dropbox and WhenIwork. We can trim and automate the bloated software suites from heavy hitters like Microsoft and Adobe to make them easier for you to use.

We are a company that excels at software development and integration but we are also driven to share our knowledge with other entrepreneurs, developers and businesses.

Another way we help you manage your time and resources is by showing you how to secure your data and protect your privacy. Not everyone has a dedicated IT Department who can help lock down your Social Media properties or show you what to watch for and how to avoid the new and old social engineering scams and security missteps that are so easy to overlook and so hard to keep pace with.

Our business is built upon streamlining your workflow and optimizing your operations by integrating your current software investments and assets then building the parts that don’t exist or are not exactly right. That’s what we believe adds value to your business.

Welcome to  Technical Diversity in IT.

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