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Business Workflow Solutions – We Help You Optimize
Your Productivity Tools

Social Media

Blog, Tweet, Post, Like, Follow - Keep up or FAIL

Is your content Social or Stale?

Today’s business moves too fast. It’s a fact. You keep current or you fall off everyone’s radar.
We can set-up, manage, maintain or automate your Social Touch-points.

Project Management

Project Management requires time - your time.

Plan the Work and Work the Plan...

Effective Project Management Tools must fit your business, your management style and your schedule.
We can show you what’s available, how to configure it and how to use it.

Tame Your InBox

Is your InBox your Nemesis? It doesn't have to be.

The average business person sends and receives over 125 emails per day.

Over 53% of emails are opened on a SmartPhone. Unmanaged email is a time sucking Black Hole.
We can show you tools and strategies to change that.

Workflow Management

How many disconnected programs do you use in a day? Have you looked for something better?

Automated and Integrated Workflow saves Time and Money

Workflow benefits when everything is integrated and works seamlessly. We’ve seen and tried hundreds of applications and tried to integrate the best for our customers.
One size does not fit all. We can help you choose.

ERP and CRM. Embrace them - both

User-friendly integrated workflow systems enable both you and your business.

Unleash The Power of an Automated Business Ecosystem.

Whether you’re going it solo or managing hundreds of employees your business will benefit from an integrated and streamlined workflow.
We build intuitive and fully automated workflows using OpenERP/Odoo.

Live in the Cloud ... or don't

Cloud based or in-house appliance - the market is going mobile, and so should you.

Cloud services need to be configured for safe and secure integration with your Business Tools.

Today everything is connected to mobile devices and there’s an App for everyone.
We help you cherry pick the best ones for your business and help configure them to keep you safe.

Are you using the right tools to run your business?

WHAT we do is provide Software Integration services,
develop Workflow Solutions built upon OpenSource frameworks,
and we show you how to get the most out of the App’s and tools you already have
and show you some new ones you haven’t managed to find yet.

What makes us unique is that we are a software services company that specializes in the integration of existing software and not simply re-inventing the wheel for a fee.